The company is owned and operated by a physical therapist who has been in the physical therapy industry for over 20 years. During that time he has acquired significant experience in practice management and has owned and operated a multi-facility physical and occupational therapy business.

PTOT Billing Associates, LLC was established after the management team spent years evaluating numerous practices for acquisition. The team concluded that its approach to revenue cycle management could be of assistance to other private practitioners in their efforts to increase collections.

PTOT Billing Associates, LLC focuses exclusively on revenue cycle management for physical and occupational therapy practices. We have extensive first hand experience with the complexities of billing and collections in physical and occupational therapy practices and its interplay with overall practice management.

PTOT Billing - About Us

Why Use Us?

The tedious nature of billing collections precludes many practices from maximizing their full revenue potential. The proven billing and collections practices that PTOT Billing Associates, LLC establishes in your practice will increase the collections in your business. We function as if we are an extension of your business and can expect consistent communication from us regarding the status of your claims.

Some of the practice management tasks you will no longer be required manage:

  • No billing and collections software to learn, upgrade or maintain in your office
  • No collections staff turnover, no staff training and re-training required
  • Fewer phone calls to the practice about patient bills or statements
  • Less staff required in your office
  • Increased collections