Physical & Occupational Therapy
Billing Services

Physical & Occupational Billing Associates, LLC provides complete revenue cycle management exclusively for physical and occupational practices. It is what we know and it is all that we do. Our services can be utilized by any physical and occupational therapy practice in the United States.

Billing and collections is a vital and complex function of any health care services business. Unfortunately, medical collections isn’t set up to accommodate the practitioner and it can be an intimidating challenge to tackle; especially after a problem is discovered. These problems are usually months in the making and can be very difficult to disentangle.

At PTOT Billing Associates, LLC, we employ a methodical and common sense approach to your collections so that you are kept apprised at all times of the overall standing of each date of service of each patient account and, most importantly, real-time counsel on problem dates of service and accounts. You will be assigned a dedicated practice collections professional(s) so you and your patients know who to reach when you have questions or concerns.

We use electronic claims processing and we use Kareo for claims processing and follow up. We can process your claims electronically no matter how you do your patient care documentation.

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Professional Services

  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary claims processed daily with subsequent weekly follow-up until claim is closed.
  • Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury filing.
  • Daily Patient Billing and Collections.
  • Print and mail statements.
  • Posting of payments upon receipt of EOB’s and Patient Statements.
  • Weekly Follow-up on claims with detailed notes client involvement.
  • Navigate insurance denials.
  • Reimbursement Assessments and Code Reviews for improved collections.
  • Answer patient calls regarding billing questions.
  • Personalized reports provided monthly.
  • Accounts Receivable Management.
  • Consulting.
  • Credentialing.
  • Prompt notification of rejected and denied claims with proposed solutions.

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Why Use Us?

The tedious nature of billing collections precludes many practices from maximizing their full revenue potential. The proven billing and collections practices that PTOT Billing Associates, LLC establishes in your practice will increase the collections in your business. We function as if we are an extension of your business and can expect consistent communication from us regarding the status of your claims.

Some of the practice management tasks you will no longer be required manage:

  • No billing and collections software to learn, upgrade or maintain in your office
  • No collections staff turnover, no staff training and re-training required
  • Fewer phone calls to the practice about patient bills or statements
  • Less staff required in your office
  • Increased collections